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Albumin/Creatinine Ratio

Test Name

Albumin/Creatinine Ratio

Test Code



Urine spot or 24h collection


mg/g creatinine



Synonym Name/Abbreviation

Microalbumin; random urine

CPT Code

82043, 82570

Performing Facility

American Medical Labs, Herzliya Pituah


Roche cobas 6000

Test Method

 Ratio: calculation (from tests on Roche Modular P-800 and Cobas Integra)

AML Preferred Tube

Urine collection tube

Storage Instructions


Min. Volume

10 mL




Microalbuminuria can be diagnosed from a 24-hour urine collection or more commonly, from spot sample. Both must be measured on at least two of three measurements over a two- to three-month period


Same day


Intended Use

Measurement of albumin levels in urine below the detection level of urine dipsticks. This test is useful in the management of patients with relatively early diabetes mellitus to assist in avoiding or delaying the onset of diabetic renal disease.

Patient Preparation

No patient preparation.

Adult Reference Ranges

Male and Female: 0 to 30 mg/g creatinine


Diagnostic criteria according to American Diabetes Asociation (ADA)


Microalbuminuria : 30-300 mg/g creatinine.               Clinical albuminuria: > 300 mg/g creatinine


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