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Basophils Abs

Test Name


Test Code






Synonym Name/Abbreviation


Performing Facility

American Medical Labs, Herzliya Pituah


Siemens Advia 2120 or 120

Test Method

Automated Cell Counter

AML Preferred Tube

3 mL EDTA whole blood

Storage Instructions

Room temperature up to 4h. Stored and transported refrigerated up to 24 h.

Min. Volume

1 mL


Gently Invert tube 8-10 times after venipuncture to ensure smooth mixing with anti-coagulant


Same day

Intended Use

Part of the differential white blood cell count. One of the five types of WBCs normally seen in the blood. It is present in very small numbers. Basophils appear in many specific kinds of inflammatory reactions, particularly those that cause allergic symptoms and in parasitic infections. Basophilia may be found in some types of lymphoma and leukemia.


Clotted sample; hemolysis; tube not filled to correct volume.

Patient Preparation

No patient preparation needed.

Reasons for Rejection

Clotted sample, improper tube, incorrect volume, incorrect labeling, dilution of blood with I.V. fluid, samples older than 24 hours.

Adult Reference Ranges

0.0 to 1.5%


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