AML is the biggest, private medical laboratory in Israel, consisting of three laboratories:

1. The core laboratory is located in “Beit Noy,” is accredited by ISRAC under the ISO 15189 internationally accepted standard for human medical laboratories. Note: Some analytes performed by AML or sent out to a sub-contracted lab may not be included in the scope of accreditation. Only analytes listed in ISRAC’s appendix, “Schedule of Accreditation” are part of the scope.

2. The STAT laboratory and the Blood Bank are located in the Herzliya Medical Center (HMC) and are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The laboratory is documented under the scope of ISO 9001.

3. The AML Ramat Aviv laboratory is located in the Ramat Aviv Medical Center.The laboratory is documented under the scope of ISO 9001.


Backed by its highly trained and motivated staff, committed to quality and accuracy, AML provides superior service components:

– Dedicated QA Department

– Written S.O.P.’s

– Participation in International QC schemes

– Internal scheduled audits

Contact Us:

QA Department Manager

Tali Sinai Krymka, B.Sc, MBA
Tel: 972-9-9568634
E-Mail: tali.sinai@aml.co.il

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