Cross Country Courier Services

– AML operates courier services all over the country to deliver samples to the laboratory six days a week, all year, except for saturdays and national holydays.

– The AML core laboratory located in “Beit Noy” is open from 8 am to 10 pm every day, thus assuring immediate care of the arriving samples, their storage and testings.

– The laboratory maintains a log to document and “track” the transport.

– The laboratory provides boxes, cooling materials, kits for proper transport of the samples.

– Open communication channels are maintained between personnel in the laboratory and the persons initiating a request for sample pick-up.

– AML trains the investigators at the various sites in the proper techniques for taking samples.

– All the above steps are intended to maintain the integrity of the samples and assure that the results of all the parameters tested mirror the ones present in the specimens at the time the samples were taken .

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